Ortho and YOU – Auckland, NZ (CPD 8hrs)

  • August 10, 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

If you wish to develop the orthodontic side of your practice, this introductory course is for you!

Dr. J.W. ‘Skip’ Truitt will show you how to recognise and treat patients from as young as four years of age onwards. You will learn the benefits of early interceptive treatment, how to correctly diagnose and treat developing malocclusions that you see every day in your practice. This will include airway obstruction, Eustachian tube dysfunction, improper jaw growth, dental and skeletal malocclusions, and give you the ability to identify a range of TMJ imbalances and associated TM D. He will cover topics from the entire 6-Course program from the Clinical Foundation of Orthopaedics, Orthodontics & TMD, giving you an insight into Skip’s philosophy of treatment.

Dr Truitt will also introduce you to the Advanced Lightwire Functional (ALF) appliance combined with the Delta Force Bracket system that can reduce orthodontic treatment time by as much as 60%.

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396 Queen Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand